Labyrinth Canyon


  • 54 - 74 river miles
  • Class II to III

The Labyrinth Canyon ’s 45 miles from Ruby Ranch to Mineral Canyon is a truly beautiful trip. The canyon cuts deeper and deeper into the geology as you travel downstream; especially beautiful where in slices through the Navajo and Wingate sandstone. Early river runners have left evidence of their earlier presence as did the Ancient Fremont Culture, a semi-nomadic people who inhabited the canyons from 500 to 1275 A.D.

Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River

John Wesley Powell traveled this section on his historic expedition of 1869. The Green River through Labyrinth has no rapids. The river flows slow and lazy with the exception of the spring high water. On high water years the river is still lazy but maybe not so slow. Caution is always advised during high water periods.

Three Canyon, Ten Mile Canyon and Five Arch are all popular side hikes. Also of interest are the inscriptions left behind by Denis Julien (1836) and the crew of Launch Marguerite (early 1900’s). Uranium mines are also seen along the river, evidence of the post war atomic age.

Floating down river one frequently sees Great Blue Heron hunting near shore along with American egret. Mule deer drink from the river in the evening. Beaver are seen swimming in the river and badger, porcupine and coyote call the canyon home.

While traveling through Labyrinth Canyon Powell wrote “There is an exquisite charm in our ride today down this beautiful canyon. It gradually grows deeper with every mile of travel; the walls are symmetrically curved and grandly arched, of a beautiful color, and reflected in the quiet waters.... We are all in fine spirits and feel very gay, and the badinage of the men is echoed from wall to wall.”

Prices start from:

  • Raft for 4 days - $525 per person
  • Raft for 5 days - $625 per person

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